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It is advised that the cases of all our members who are in indigent circumstances be duly inspected, that advice and relief may be seasonably extended, and assistance afforded to them in such business as they are capable of: and in order to defray the expenses which their support and the education of their children will necessarily occasion, it is recommended to each monthly meeting of men and women Friends to be open hearted and liberal in subscriptions for raising and continuing funds for these purposes; that the meetings of each sex should appoint a treasurer to receive the same, and a committee of suitable Friends to have the particular care of the poor, whose business it will be to visit, inspect into their wants, and relieve them. And in the exercise of this benevolent care, it is desired we may always guard against exposing the names or situations of our fellow members. And an appointment should be annually made of two or more Friends for settling the treasurer's account, and reporting its state to the meeting. -- 1721, 1796.

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