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It appears by the records, that our first yearly meeting was held at Burlington in New Jersey the thirty-first day of the Sixth Month, 1681, O.S. for the provinces of Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; that in 1685, it was agreed to be held alternately at Burlington and Philadelphia; that in 1755 the time of holding it was changed to the Ninth Month; that in 1760 it was concluded to be held at the same time at Philadelphia only; and that in 1798, the time of holding it was altered to the third Second-day in the Fourth Month, as it now is; the yearly meeting of ministers and elders to be on the seventh day of the week preceding; and both to begin at the tenth hour.

It is agreed that such Friends as may be appointed to prepare epistles shall meet together before they proceed on the service, and also examine the several essays previous to their being laid before this meeting. -- 1724.

Agreed that all letters or papers directed to the yearly meeting, except from such meetings as regularly correspond therewith, be first perused by a few Friends to be appointed, who are to consider and report whether the same be proper to be read in this meeting or not. -- 1695.

Agreed, that when extracts from the minutes of this meeting are ordered to be sent to the quarterly meetings, a full copy shall be sent by each of those meetings to their respective monthly meetings, and by the monthly to each of their preparative meetings, in order that each meeting may have a copy thereof, to have recourse to as occasions may require. -- 1734.

The certificates of such Friends, members of other yearly meetings, who from a religious concern are drawn to attend this, are to be read herein. -- 1801.


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