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First. When a woman minister under a religious concern to travel in truth's service, produces to the quarterly meeting a certificate of the approbation of the monthly meeting of which she is a member, if the concern is concurred with in the women's meeting, it should be submitted to the men's meeting, and when approved, an endorsement to that effect should be made on the certificate, signed by the clerk, and returned to the women's meeting for signing by their clerk.

Second. They are to receive the written accounts sent from the respective women's monthly meetings, and transmit the collected answers to the queries, with such other matters as appear needful, to the women's yearly meeting; to attend the service whereof, each quarterly meeting is to appoint a suitable number of representatives.

Third. They are to communicate to their respective monthly meetings, such advices as they apprehend necessary, with any epistles or writings issued for that purpose by their yearly meeting; nominate committees at the request of the men's meeting to visit their monthly meetings, or for any other service which the men's meeting shall judge expedient; and in all respects, they are to attend to those matters which may properly come under the notice and care of women's quarterly meetings. -- 1796.

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