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We think it necessary to caution, not only the youth, but those of riper age, to avoid the unnecessary frequenting of taverns, and other places of public resort; that they be not exposed to noisy company, and unprofitable conversation; or betrayed into the use of strong liquors, by which so many have been corrupted both in principle and practice, to the ruin of themselves and their families. And if any are in danger on these accounts, it is desired that they may be timely and tenderly treated with in order to convince them of their danger. -- 1746.

Considering the temptations and snares which they are exposed to, who keep houses of public entertainment or beer-houses, the corrupting influence of many who resort to them, and its effect on the children and families so exposed; it is the judgment of this meeting, that our members avoid engaging in such employments for a livelihood; and attend to the pointings of pure wisdom for that end. -- 1777

And it is desired, that Friends may endeavour, as far as their influence extends in the community, to prevent the unnecessary increase of taverns, and be cautious of signing petitions in behalf of those who may apply for licences on that account.--1738

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