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It being recommended to the meeting for sufferings to take the oversight of all writings proposed to be printed, which relate to our religious principles or testimonies; our members who may have any such publications in view, are to lay them before the said meeting, for its advice and concurrence. And it is the sense of this meeting that if any one shall print or publish any writing against the advice of said meeting for sufferings, or which tends to excite disunity and discord among us, such persons should be complained of to the monthly meeting they belong to, and if they cannot be convinced of the impropriety of their conduct, be testified against, as opposed to the peace and good order of the society.

This meeting doth earnestly exhort all parents, heads of families and guardians of minors, that they prevent, as much as in them lies, their children, and others under their care and tuition, from having or reading books and papers tending to prejudice the profession of the Christian religion, to create the least doubt concerning the authenticity of the holy Scriptures, or of those saving truths declared in them; lest their infant and feeble minds should be poisoned thereby, and a foundation laid for the greatest evils. And it is earnestly recommended to every member of our religious society, that they discourage and suppress the reading of plays, romances, novels, or other pernicious books; and printers and booksellers in profession with us, are cautioned against printing, selling, or lending such books; as it is a practice so inconsistent with the purity of the Christian religion. And Friends are desired to be careful in the choice of all books in which their children and families read, seeing there are many under the specious titles of promoting religion and morality, which contain sentiments repugnant to the truth in Christ Jesus.

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