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If any person be dissatisfied with, or think themselves aggrieved by the judgment of a monthly meeting, they may, after a copy of the testimony is delivered to them, notify the first or second meeting (but no other) of their intention of appealing to the ensuing quarterly meet- ing: which notification the monthly meeting should enter on its minutes, and appoint four or more Friends, to attend the quarterly meeting with that, and copies of the minutes of the mens or womens meeting, relative to the case, signed by the clerk, or clerks, there to show the reasons whereon that judgment was founded, and submitting it to the said meeting. The quarterly meeting is then to refer the same to a solid committee of Friends (omitting those of the monthly meeting from which the appeal comes) and to confirm or reverse the said judgment as, on impartial deliberation, shall appear to be right, taking care to inform the parties of the result.

If such appellant is dissatisfied with the judgment of a quarterly meeting also; and, on being informed thereof, shall notify that or the next (but not afterwards) of their intention to apply to the yearly meeting for a further hearing, the said quarterly meeting, after recording such notification, is in like manner to appoint at least three Friends, to attend the yearly meeting with copies of the records of both the monthly and quarterly meetings in the case, signed by their clerks; here it is to be finally determined, and a copy of the determination is to be sent to the meeting from which the appeal came.

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