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A Few Words Occasioned by a Paper
lately Printed, Styled

A Discourse concerning the


Together with a Call to Magistrates,
Ministers, Lawyers, and People
to Repentance

Wherein all men may see that the Doctrine and Life
of those People whom the world scornfully calls
Quakers, is the very Doctrine and Life of Christ

Written for the sake of simple-minded ones who are
willing to follow Christ under the Cross and to
deny all things to be his Disciples

By a Servant of the Lord, reproached by the world
and carnal worshippers under the Name of a
Quaker; whose Name in the Flesh is

James Naylera

To the Reader


     Meeting lately with a printed paper styled A Discourse concerning the Quakers,b and finding many things in it deeply reflecting on the Spirit of the Lord sent into the hearts of men to prove and convince them of sin, and reproaching his holy people whom he hath called out of the world; and that it was scattered abroad into many hands and so might prove a stumbling block to weak minds, I was moved to send it to a friend in the west who for the simple ones' sake hath given forth a few things, that truth might appear. And if there be any that by reading this shall be brought to discover truth from error, or to lay to heart their conditions and how they have hitherto trifled away their precious time: there is <121> another paper now in the press from the same hand, which will show forth the true light that guides to God, and opens the Scriptures, removes the doubts about the great power of the Lord manifested in shaking the earthly part of those he brings to himself, plainly declare the deceits of the false prophets of the world, and let the magistrate see the bounds of his authority. There is another paper come forth by the author of the former discourse occasioned by something writ in answer to it, by one who saith he is none of those called Quakers; and yet the discourser chargeth all things he saith on them. But the paper sufficiently bewraysc the author's weakness and its own folly. Read without prejudice, that thou may receive instruction and not increase thy own misery.

A. P.

     A paper being come to my hand, which is full of deceit under pretense of religion and a form of profession, striking at the life of all religion, which is obedience to all the commands of God in the Spirit; and under pretense of the letter, which he calls the word, he goes about to reproach, and scorn, and slight the teachings of Christ in the Spirit whereby he rules in the consciences of his saints and by which light he reveals the Father in them and thereby declares himself to be the eternal word and witness within his: which word first was known within them a free gift of the Father, without any letter or human learning, and then declared out in the letter. But they who (as the Jews) think they have salvation in the letter are enemies and persecutors of them who have the eternal witness of salvation in the Spirit.1 And from that Spirit hath this paper its foundation; for God having put the enmity between the carnal and the spiritual seeds there can be no agreement. Now though I abhor striving for masterhood in words or writing, yet for the sake of the simple ones, who not yet having the true judgment and salt in themselves to discern of spirits are subject to take great swelling words of man's wisdom for the power of God unto salvation:2 I am therefore moved to lay open <122> some of the deceits in this paper, that where truth and simplicity is in the heart it may more clearly judge of truth from deceit.

     The paper is titled, "A Discourse concerning the Quakers."

     It is no new thing for the dearest servants and children of God to be a discourse, a reproach, a taunt and byword, a wonder and a scorn to fools and wicked men,3 and to have the belly-god and drunkard to make songs of their sad and afflicted conditions, and to be called by nicknames such as it pleaseth Ishmael's brood to cast upon them, to be called devils, deceivers, heretics, frantics, madmen, quakers, and suchlike;4 but it is that the same Scriptures may be fulfilled in the saints that were in Christ their example: "As they have done unto me, so will they do unto you; if they keep my sayings, they will also keep yours; if they have called the good man of the house Beelzebub, how much more them of his household."5

     Thou sayest, "It's plainly foretold that in the last days shall be the greatest deceivers and worst of hypocrites, men extraordinarily inspired with a spirit of lies and delusion."

     It is above sixteen hundred years since those were foretold, and they have had so long a time since to broach their deceits and strengthen themselves in the earth, that the deceit is now grown a monster and hath got many heads and horns;6 religions and forms one at war with another, striving with words and weapons, who should be greatest. But now that Christ is arisen in his saints to reveal this man of sin by his light, and to destroy him with the sword of his mouth,7 all forms of religions, the beast and the false prophet, Gog and Magog are joined together to strike at this light;8 and no wonder; for that deceitful spirit knows that that light which discovers him in one form will discover him in all. And now the devil would pass judgment upon that light which is come to judge him where he is, and so set any whom he can prevail in to cast reproach upon it under many odious names,9 that so he may keep people at a distance from so much as owning it; for he knows if any own it there he is discovered and disowned; and this is his way in all in whom he speaks, to cry out against those that walk in <123> the light in general, calling them "deceivers," "heretics," "hypocrites," "deniers of Scriptures and ordinances,"10 and many such words as he thinks may make the truth most odious to others, but not once show in what particular such walk contrary to the Scripture, for the deceit knows that if it come to trial, itself will be found that which walks contrary to the Scripture; for the same light that gave out the Scriptures leads not contrary to it. And now who will be the greatest deceivers, whether a poor, despised, persecuted, reproached people whom God hath called out of the world's ways, words, works, worship, riches and pleasures, and so are become strangers and wanderers to and fro, "seeking a city whose builder and maker is God" (Heb 11:8-10), and for thisd obedience being counted the "off-scouring of the world (1 Cor. 4:9-13), and suffering all with patience as the saints did who declared this in Scripture; or they who profess that Scripture which witnesseth these things but still are in their lusts, pride, covetousness, exaltations over others, living like fat swine in the earth, differing from the world in nothing but only in notions and long prayers, whereby they appear to be great deceivers than the world, who professeth nothing but what they are?11 And for the worst of hypocrites, for they who profess the highest things and most like to saints, which they live not the life of, nor are sanctified, as they were whose conditions they profess; these are the worst of hypocrites.

     And for the great train thou speaks on, would not thou have been as muche offended at those many thousands that followed Christ and his disciples,12 when they preached the same gospel, if thou hadst lived then? they who were of thy spirit were as much disquieted at it then as thou art now. Thou sayest, "It hath been an old project of the devil to destroy the letter, the supreme authority of the Scripture." Thou art blind which sayest that the letter is the supreme authority of the Scriptures; for that which gave it forth in parables to the serpent's seed, and opens it again in the saints as they grow in their measures, and opens the Scriptures in and to all, is the supreme authority of Scriptures,13 <124> which is not the letter, but the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:6). And they who wait to have the Scriptures fulfilled in them by Christ go not about to destroy the letter but to establish it. And for the judgments of men thou talks of, what is their judgments worth where the practice is wanting? God is not served with words. There are two sorts of people which thou conceivest to be most odious to all people; and thou would rank these whom thou would reproach amongst either of them; but come to trial and thou wilt find thyself far nearer either of these than they. And first for papists; which of the idolatrous worships and traditions of the papists, or that are ordained for popish ends, do thesef practice? but it may be thou thyself are yet in the idol's temple, builded by the papists for idolatrous worship never commanded by God, and for such worship is kept up and used at this day; if thou be not yet in many popish customs as observing days, and times, and seasons,14 and persons, and outward traditions of men not commanded of God, which these whom thou reproachest do all deny. And the papists are one with thee in reproaching and scorning and persecuting theseg to their power. And for those thou callest "ranters," is there any people in the nation that more differ in practiceh than they? and if thou would look at thy own pride, fullness, and the satisfying of thy lust, thou would see little difference between thee and them but in judgment.

     And thou art offended at the "knowledge of Christ within the saints"; art not thou ashamed to profess the Scripture and deny what they witness?i Which of the saints did witness any other knowledge of Christ after his ascension but as he was revealed in them? and all that know him in Spirit knows him within them; and is there any Christ but one?15 because thou sayest, "they know no other Christ but a Christ within them"; and thou that knows no Christ but without, ye know him not but by hearsay; and then art not thou that notionist thou speaks on? Read these in the margin,j <125> and see who denies the Scriptures and the saints' conditions. And thou sayest that "their quakings are either counterfeit, or comes from the power of the devil." How art thou not afraid to speak against the Holy Ghost? Search the Scriptures and thou shalt find that God hath said, "All flesh shall quake and tremble before him"; and the holy men of God do witness that the way by which they came to know God was "through quaking and trembling, fasting and weeping,"16 which thou that art in the flesh, and the earthly part in thee stands unshaken, knows not, and therefore scorns it. But it's no new thing for this generation to render the works of God under the namek of the devil. Thou sayest, "they will go in rags"; dost thou now speak truth? how many hast thou seen deny whole clothes to go in rags? art not thou inspired with al lying spirit thou speakest on before? But it may be thou art displeased that they pull off their pride, as gold and silver:17 that which they do in obedience to God, thou would render it only as a show. But see what spirit that is thou speakest from. And why art thou offended at a mean diet, or "punishing the body," as thou calls it? Did not Daniel refuse all pleasant meats for three full weeks?18 And David afflicted his soul through fasting, and it turned to his reproach19 with such as thou. And why art thou offended they should care for no more than meat, drink and clothes, when Christ forbids his to care for so much?20 And the apostle exhorts, "Having food and raiment, be therewith content."21 And why art thou offended at self-denial, and taking up the cross to their own lusts? Doth not Christ say, "He that will be my disciple must take up his cross daily and follow me"?22 And had not the saints the lusts of the flesh crucified onm the cross?23 Why wilt thou profess the Scriptures and not own the practice of it?n but wrangle with them that do. Thou sayest, "they are above ordinances, above Scriptures, <126> and cries down all as forms."24 But what ordinance of Christ are they above? It is the traditions and inventions of men they are above, as those you call ordinances have been often proved and will more appear upon further trial. And for being above Scripture, if thou wert not blind thou might see them live in the life of Scripture, in their measures, as they did to whom it was given.

     Thou art offended "that they should own an infallible light in them," which the light of Christ is, whosoever hath it.25 Now then,o that cannot witness an infallible light, how wilt thou be a guide to others? and what hast thou to do to judge any? But he that hath the light of Christ hath an infallible light which whosoever follows shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life; and as this light ariseth, judgment is brought forth; for all judgment is given unto the Son; and in that light all his see light,26 and are led into all truth; and this light shows all things in measure:27 and ten thousand being gathered by this light and not run before it, shall be all taught one way, be of one heart, mind, and soul; but all who stumble at this light are in darkness, confusion, and at a jar among themselves. And whereas thou would make people believe that this light they walk by will not endure the light of the word; that is deceit in ye, for it is the word, which is nigh in the heart and in the mouth,28 and doth not oppose itself but is one with Scripture, as all they are who walk in it; only it opposeth all the twinings and wresting of the serpent whereby he would wrest the Scripture to deceive with.29 Thou sayest, "the saints have a glorious light in them, but imperfect." Is there any glorious light but the light of Christ? and thou that calls that an imperfect light art blind,30 and not able to judge of light. It is true, the light is but manifest in the creature by degrees, but the least degree is perfect in its measure,31 and being obeyed will lead to the perfect day, and is perfect in itself, and leads up to perfection all that perfectly follow it.32 And thou that so often would put the <127> external letter, that had a beginning, instead of Christ the eternal Word by which all things were made, and who dwelleth in the saints, and liveth in them, and enlighteneth them, doth sufficiently clear thyself that thou knowest him not in thee.33 And whereas thou talkest of trying the light by the letter, if thou hadstp him who is the eternal witness within thyself,34 thou wouldst see thou needest not to try the inward substance by the outward declaration, the living by the dead. The apostle saith, "The word is powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword," &c., and this thou twines to deceive the simple, and saith the Scripture is so; why wilt thou wrest the Scripture to thy own destruction? Thou hast long had the Bible by thee, but what hath it cut down or divided in thee? or hath it discerned the thoughts and intents of thy heart? thou and thy sins are not yet divided. Thou sayest, "Owls fly the light," but see who cannotq own the light, and they are such who love the works of the night.35 And thou that speaks lightly, vilely, or accursedly of the light of Christ in his saints speakest evil of that thou knowest not,36 and shall account for thy blasphemy. And thou deceitful spirit that gathers up the working power of Christ in the saints andr would attribute it to the letter, art about to make poor ignorant people believe that the letter is the Spirit37 and that the letter is the Word, which is but a declaration of the Word; and itself saith plainly, "Christ is the Word";38 but the letter is not Christ; and this would make people believe that he that hath the letter hath the Spirit, when both thou and many more may have the letter and persecute the Spirit and blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, as was in the Jews, and is at this day.

     Thou speaks of the Word of God, in which Christ and the Spirit speaks, and thus thou would make them who are blind believe it is the letter; and to prove it thou brings these Scriptures (Heb. 1:2), but was that the letter by which God had spoken to them, which he calls the "Son of God"? is the letter the Son? And <128> that in the Rev. 2:17, he doth not say, Hear what the letter saith, but "Hear what the Spirit saith"; or that in Eph. 6:17, is it there called the sword of the letter, or "the sword of the Spirit"? And thou wilt make people believe that God doth all in the hearts of his people by the letter without. Thou sayest, "by it he sanctifies, enlightens, comforts, seals, witnesseth, teacheth, &c.," which if thou mean the letter, which thou callest the Word, then the letter itself shall witness against thee in all these, that it is not the letter but the Spirit that doth all this, where they are indeed.39 Thou sayest, "Without the Word he doth nothing in us, speaks nothing in us, in the highest revelations; it is the ground of faith, and without it faith cannot act, and the faith hath no bottom but the Word"; which if thou mean the letter of Scripture, I answer, wherein thou sayest "in us," here thou showest thyself a stranger to the works, word, revelation and faith that the saints did witness, as is plain in the letter; for they witness the works of God in them in Spirit, and not in letter; the word from God's own mouth in Spirit, and revelation in Spirit, but never any in the letter.40 And thou art ignorant of Abraham's faith41 and the ground of it, which had a ground when there was no letter, and acted when there was no letter; but they who are of Abraham's seed witness Abraham's faith grounded on the promised seed, which is Christ, and is acted in him and not on the letter, which works, word, revelation and faith I witness in me in the Spirit and not in the letter, and that faith which is in Christ stands not in volumes. Thou sayest, "this is a more sure word of prophecy," and to prove it, thou quotes 2 Pet. 1:19, where the apostle speaks not of the letter but of the light of Christ shining in the dark hearts, to which they were to give heed, that by it they might be led to the day, & this is in their hearts, and not in the letter, which light thou scorns and calls it an ignis fatuus, a satanical fallen light; but thou yet knowest not what thou speakest, that blasphemes the true light that is come into the world and lighteneth everyone that comes into the world;42 yea, them which never saw letter, which is the condemnation of those who obey it not but love their evil deeds. Thou sets down many <129> benefits the saints have in the Word, which is true; but thou that would ascribe them to the letter knowest them not but in the notion. Thou sayest, "that those that have gloriouser discoveries, and revelations of Christ to boast on, than ever any of those men knew, yet do cast down the glory of their light before the Scriptures and are in subjection to Scriptures and ordinances": and thou dost instance the "disciples who saw Christ ascend." I answer, whether is it a more glorious discovery and manifestation of Christ to see him appearing in them the second time in the Spirit without sin unto salvation, or that to see him depart in the flesh, seeing Christ tells them, "It is necessary that he go away in the flesh that he may come in the Spirit;"43 thou dost sufficiently clears thy ignorance, measuring others who witness him with thyself, who knows no more of him but what thou hast found of him in the letter. And for that subjection to the Scripture and ordinances, and waiting thou speaks on; did they wait in the letter, and in those forms and customs and idols' temples that you wait in? They waited together for the appearance of Christ in Spirit, praying in that measure of Spirit they had received?44 Thou goest about to make people believe "that the light of Christ which is given to enlighten every one that comes into the world is a natural or fallen light"; but if thou didst know, own, and obey it, it would lead thee out of the fall; and for that end art thou and others so often checked and reproved by it:45 for your pride, covetousness, envy, scornfulness, and other sins, which though you now disobey as a thing too low for your high notions, yet this light shall remain for an eternal witness against all that hate and disobey it. And whereas thou would scandal this light to lead into exorbitances, deceit and miscarriages, and many such things, they are falsely cast upon this light, for all these are amongst you who hate the light; but who so obeys and loves the light, it discovers these and leads all who follow it into one mind, heart, and soul;46 and if ten times ten thousand that are guided by it, yet not a word of <130> dispute, but all speak the same things. And thou calls the Scriptures "a standing rule," but it is not so to you who cannot believe that ever it shall be fulfilled in you as it was given out by the holy Ghost; neither will you so be tried by it, but you will wrest and twine it to make it meet your wills, where your profits, pleasures, and lust will not suffer you to take up the cross and come up to it: but if it be a "standing rule," let it stand as it is, not confounded with the serpent's wisdom, and then prove thyself by it; and those people thou reproaches and miscalls, whether thou or they own it in practice? Thou calls "the word of God," "the sunt of truth," and yet thou would make people believe it is the Scripture letter. Is the letter the sunt of truth? May not all that look on yeu see thee in Babylon? Thou sayest, "How could it be known that there is a God and Christ and Holy Ghost, with their works and worship?" I answer, if thou know not the Father, Son, and Spirit one God, and the way of his worship, other ways than thou hast found in the letter, thou knows but that in letter and notion which all the saints of God knew in Spirit and power,47 and thou worships in letter and form thou knows not what, who doth not know and worship in Spirit; and herein thou shalt have Christ & all the holy men to witness against thee. Thou sayest, "the holy Ghost interprets Scripture by Scripture, and reveals Christ, the Father, the holy Ghost, the soul's union with them by Scripture." I answer, the Holy Ghost where he is needs no Scripture to interpret Scripture by who gave forth all the Scripture and opens it again; for the Holy Ghost did not give out the Scripture in parables to its own seed, but to the serpent's seed;48v and as that Spirit ariseth, it opens and brings all that is spoken in Scripture to remembrance, and leads into all truth in its measure;49 and when any in whom the Spirit was, have made use of Scripture in suchlike cases, it hath not been to open the meaning to themselves but <131> to convince others, who had not the Spirit, or would not own it.50 And for souls' union, which of the saints had the witness of their soul's union to seek in the letter? but he that believeth hath the witness in himself in Spirit and not in the letter; and for trying and judging, it is not the literal but the spiritual man that judgeth all things, and no visible thing can judge him.51 Thou would have them to suspect this light; those who have no light to walk by but what they by their wisdom and learning have gathered out of the letter, have cause to suspect it; but they who have the infallible light of Christ, by which all is tried and judged and discerned, and judgment brought forth into victory in themselves by it, they have no cause to suspect it, but wait to walk in it.

     Thou art offended "that they should say they pray always, have the baptism of fire, eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ, that they were once as others, hypocrites"; now why wilt thou thus wrangle that the commands and promises of Christ should be witnessed fulfilled in the saints now, as they have been in Scripture witnessed? Doth not the apostles exhort "to pray always, without ceasing"?52 and are any baptized into Christ who are not able to witness the baptism of fire and the Spirit, without whichw water baptism avails not to salvation? And doth not Christ plainly say "that whosoever eats not his flesh and drinks not his blood hath no life in them"? And have not the saints witnessed a time wherein they were hypocrites andx in the world without the true God?53 And thou sayest "they can give no Scripture account of the estate they are now in" and yet dost blame them for owning the Scripture fulfilled in them in these things; but that nature could never be satisfied with Christ nor any of his, nor any account from them; though they could not convince them of sin, yet they would tempt, hate, and persecute, even till death if they had power. Thou would make people believe "that these deny the rule of the gospel and the divine inspiring of the Holy Ghost, the infallible rule of all obedience and worship, and judgment of all actions"; but come to trial <132> and see whether they that own the light of Christ in Spirit, and follow it, or they that call it an ignis fatuus, deny the rule of the gospel? And whether they that witness the same Spirit, and the inspiration of it, without human helps, letter or learning, as the saints in all ages have done, every one in their measures of that free gift given to profit withal;54 or they that would make people believe that all such divine inspirations and gifts of the Spirit were now ceased, and now the letter is all the Spirit they must look for, deny the divine inspirations of the Holy Ghost, the infallible rule of all obedience and worship and judge of all actions? And for the denying of ordinances thou so much chargeth them with,55 if it come to trial they will be found only to deny your tradition, temples, and human inventions never commanded by Christ nor practiced by any that ever he sent, and Christ never annexed the promise of his presence to that which he never commanded.

     Thou are offended "that they should be set free from, or have sin taken away from them."56 Now thou showest plainly whose kingdom thou wouldest uphold. And thou sayest "that by denying sin to be in them they overthrow repentance"; but here thou showest thy blindness. For he that forsakes his sin doth establish his repentance; but he that returns unto sin again, overthrows it.57 Thou tells of "being godded with God," but see what spirit that is that thou art led by, who dare take the holyy name of God so scornfully in thy mouth, to cast as a derision upon others. Thou art offended "that those should witness perfection." And is it not the end for which Christ came into the world, suffered, sent out his ministers into the world?58 And why dost thou profess Christ and the Scripture, and thus opposes the end of his coming? and what he did work in his saints,59 which is to set free from sin and bring to perfection, which Christ commands and which the Scriptures witness in the saints? but there is nothing more opposed by the devil and his instruments than to have the work of man's redemption <133> perfected. Thou sayest, "the many ridiculous practices of their frantic mold,z be too much to relate." And hereby thou wouldest render them as vile as thou canst to others; but the ways of Christ were no worse, for such as thou saying he was mad; for the ways of God have always been counted madness and folly to that generation: what thou intend in that word "many" I know not; for where nothing is mentioned in particular I cannot answer. But for those thou namest are these, "they will not put off the hat to any, not to a magistrate. That they think it a special badge of their profession to say and write 'thou' and 'thee,' and by no means say 'sir' or 'master' to any, and that some will not answer or speak to any question," and thou quarrels at some "for forsaking the world and giving over their callings." I answer, When wilt thou cease wrangling at their obedience of the commands of Christ witnessed in the Scripture? Hast thou nothing amongst all those many ridiculous practices thou tells on to charge on them, butaa are according to Scripture?60 Where doth God require putting off hats, or worshipping any creature, magistrate or others? And why may it not be a badge, if thou so call it of their profession, to use the Scripture language? And where dost thou find any other language in the Scripture but "thou" or "thee" to a particular, whatsoever he was that was spoken to? And no wonder that thou stumble that any should witness the powerbb of the Scripture, when it's taken for such an offense with thee to witness the outward language which all holy men of God have used in Scripture; and yet thou calls the Scripture a "standing rule"; but thou wilt neither make it thy rule nor suffer them that would. And for refusing calling "master," is it not the command of Christ?61 and dost thou deserve the name of a Christian who would make it an offense to obey his commands because it crosseth thy pride? And for their silence, "Is there not a time to speak and a time to be silent?"62 And "was not Christ asked many questions, and answered nothing?"63 <134> And doth not the Scripture say, "Answer not a fool according to his folly?" And when Christ did answer the tempters, it was either with silence, or contrary to what they would have had. And for "forsaking the world," must not all that will come to Christ "forsake the world"? And were they not in their calling who left their ships, their fathers, and receipt of custom, and wife and children, and lands, to follow the commands of Christ?64 O thou enemy of all obedience to Christ, dost thou reproach that which thy carnal heart will not suffer thee to follow? thou shalt find it true, that whosoever will not forsake these for Christ's sake cannot be his disciple; but it seems the nearer to Christ that any comes in obedience, the greater is thy malice to such, thou showest thy generation. And art thou not ashamed when thou hast done, to charge these with disclaiming Scripture-light; thou loves to talk of the Scriptures but art an enemy to the walking in them. Thou sayest, "of these unclean birds thou hast heard of none that have returned to the ark"; by which if thou mean your temples or carnal ordinances, I tell thee, they make a bad return who have known the Lord in Spirit and worshipped in Spirit, if they return into forms and customs again to be made perfect. Thou sayest, "separate not between Word and Spirit, between graces and ordinances"; but the apostle doth deny the ministration of the letter, and ownscc the Spirit.65 And he that cannot distinguish between the graces of God's Spirit and your outward forms you call ordinances, he knows but little yet as he ought to know. Thou tells of "praying and mourning for sin, bewailing the heart, reading the Word, and meditating in it night and day"; and thou sayest, "It's impossible for such a one to fall into this condemnation of the devil"; but I tell thee, though these may be done, and in as much zeal as the Pharisees did them, yet if there be pride, envy, covetousness, self-love, exaltation, slandering, false accusing, deceit, dissimulation and hypocrisy, and suchlike, which are the works of the devil, all thy outward pretenses shall not keep thee <135> from the condemnation of the devil, for it is that which leads out of the works of the devil, that brings from under the condemnation of the devil. Thou puts much upon church-ordinances, but see if thou be distinguished from the world, otherwise than in notion and thy own conceit, which will deceive thee and all the covetous oppressors in the world in the day of trial. Therefore prove thyself if thou be a saint, sanctified,66 come out of the world's pleasures, riches, ways and worships, and fashions, as they were whose conditions thou talkest on, or else thy crying "the temple of the Lord" will but stand thee in little stead; which if thou deal plainly in, and let truth speak in thee, thou wilt see a great distance between a saint's life and thine, as between a saint's spirit and thine, which is plainly discovered. Thou sayest, "It is observable that where churches are these owls dare not appear." These reproachful names beseems that spirit from whence they come; but which of them have refused to come where they have been sent, for fear of your churches? or what corners are they in? except it be such as you have shut up in prisons or dungeons; do not these that are at liberty meet in the midst of common streets and fields, where God calls them; and many of the most conscientious of your churchesdd own them and frequents their meetings? others, who have the fear of God before them, dare not persecute them in word or deed; but the day is come, that all spirits must show themselves. Thou advisest to do all "according to Scripture"; it is good advice, but dost thou that teachest another, teach thyself? Dost thou as thou would be done by in all things?67 Dost thou forsake pride, and covetousness, which is idolatry, and not to be so much as named among saints? Dost not thou seek great things for thyself?68 having food and raiment, are thou therewith content? Art thou out of love with the world, which is enmity with God?69 Dost thou not take thought for tomorrow, for food and raiment? Hast thou crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts, and put off the body of sin? Art thou not a scorner, reviler, and false accuser? Dost thou feed the hungry, clothe the naked, <136> and let the oppressed go free? Hast thou forsaken all to follow Christ? Art thou hated of all men for the name of Christ? Hast thou denied to be called "master"? Art thou come to yea and nay in thy common occasions? Dost thou love the brethren with the same love Christ hath loved his withal? Art thou set free from thy sin and rash passions? Dost thou hold thy faith in a pure conscience, void of offense towards God and man? Dost thou walk as Christ walked?70 And many other the commands of God set down in Scripture, in which the saints walked, as is plain in Scripture, which if thou walk in, there thou dost all according to the Scripture; but if thou take but some part of Scripture to perform as it isee given out by the Holy Ghost, to wit, that which will mostff fit thy form and please thy own will, and not cross thy lusts, profits and greatness in the world; and for the rest, either let them stand by, or wrest them by subtle meaning and exposition,71 to bring them to bend to thy disobedient mind; shall not God find thee out, and plague thee for thy adding and diminishing,72 altering and changing that which was perfectly given forth to be read and fulfilled as it is? And whereas thou would charge the light of Christ shining into the conscience, which teacheth into oneness, to be the cause of all the errors in the world; it is false, for the light of Christ is but one, and all that are led by it, walk after Christ as he walked;73 but the cause of allgg errors comes from the serpent's subtle twining and wresting the Scriptures, everyone for their own forms, ends, and carnal traditions; but none of them will own it to live the life of it as it is, and so have it fulfilled in them, as it was in those that spoke it forth. Thou sayest, "Be sure the Christ, the faith, the hope, the baptism, the worship, be that which is in Scripture." Now that Christ which the saints witnessed in Scripture is the light of the world, given to enlighten the Gentiles, and lighteneth every one that cometh into the world; which light <137> is in the saints; and whoever walks in it hath fellowship with God and one with another and thereby are cleansed from all sin,74 in which light allhh Scriptures were spoken forth, which light thou denies to be equal with the Scripture, but scorns and reproaches with nicknames, as ignis fatuus, a natural light, making it plainly appear that thou art one of those the Scriptures speaks on "who hates the light."75 And the Scripture faith is that by which the saints overcame the world,76 sin, and the devil, and gets the victory; which faith thou in this paper canst not own, but denies, and would reproach in them in whom it hath overcome sin and brought up to perfection; and he that hath the Scripture hope "purifies himself even as he is pure";77 and the baptism of Christ "is with the Holy Ghost and with fire,"78 which thou in thy paper speaks scornfully of in others that own it. And the Scriptures-worship is not in idols' temples, forms and letters, but "in Spirit and in truth"; and God seeks such to worship him.79 And thou ranks up a number of ranters, notionists, papists and suchlike, that are most odious to people, and with these thou puts in those called Quakers and tells of their opinions; but those thou so callest denies all opinions and lives in the light and practice of Scriptures; but thou, when thou art proved, will be found more in opinion than practice. And thou that denies the infallible Spirit to be in thee art but in opinions at the best. And for the purgatory thou speaks on, thou that says, "None can ever be perfected and set free from sin while they are here," had need toii own a purgatory; but they who are redeemed and set free from sin by the Lamb of God needjj it not, but have received the earnest of their eternal inheritance. And for the word "baptism," which is but water without,kk but not that of the Spirit, the answer of a good conscience,80 and observing of holy days: first clear thyself and then find fault with them that deserves. Thou talkest of pitying and praying for these; but the spirit of scorning, <138> slandering and deceit, and the spirit of pity and prayer, cannot stand in one, and where the first is I cannot own the latter.81ll Thou sayest, "Praise the Lord that hath delivered out of the snares of Satan." And it is true, they who are so can delight in nothing else but praises; but whilst thou commit sin thou art in his snares and a servant to him.82 Thou sayest, "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling," but scorns quaking, and says "it is from the power of the devil." But it is in this, as in all thy paper, thou wilt own the Scripture in notion and letter, but scorns and persecutes the power and practice of it. And now, friend, a word to thy present condition, as thou art revealed; thou art in the world, in thy fleshly will, pride of heart, and rash anger, exalted above thy brethren, and the spirit of persecution acts in thee; thou deniest to walk answerable to a light in thy conscience which would lead thee out of these things, up into obedience, love and meekness; and thy love to the deeds of darkness makes thee hate the light. I speak to that in thy conscience which shall eternally witness me at the great day of the Lord, when all secrets shall be laid open, where thou shalt account for all thy hard speeches against the Spirit of God in his people. Wherefore repent, and take heed how thou speakest evil of the things thou knowest not, or opposeth the spiritual kingdom of Christ in the consciences of his own poor despised little flock; but turn in thy high mind and see what thou hast been doing and who thou strivest against; if he fall upon thee he will grind thee to powder; let not thy high mind scorn that which may be for thy eternal good. Search the Scriptures and see if any of the holy men of God ever acted such things. Now thou hast time, prize it, lest thou harden thyself against God and so be for destruction eternally; thou knowest not what spirit thou art of. Thy name I know not, but where thou livest I know, and what spirit acts in thee. Oh that thou knewest in this thy day, the things that belong to thy eternal peace.

My name in the flesh,mm

James Nayler


A Call to Magistrates, Ministers, Lawyers,
and People to Repentance

     O man and woman, how art thou fallen from thy maker and from the estate wherein thou was created?83 And how dost thou lie in the loss and in the fall? How long will it be ere thou inquire after the Lord, who is holy and pure? And you people of England, how long will it be ere you leave off your outside formal customary worships and seek the Lord in truth of heart, bringing forth fruits of righteousness and holiness according to what you profess,84 that the Lord, who hates dissembling, may be honored, not in words, but in life, power, and practice? Doth not your actions declare against you before men and angels, that you are out of the way, and in the curse? Children of the night, and brings forth the fruits of darkness and death, and not unto God?85 And you who say you are the teachers of the nation, how long will it be ere you look at your own ways? Is not all manner of filthiness amongst you which you should lead the people out of?86 Is there not among you drunkenness, gluttony, whoredom and sporting, sitting down to eat and to drink and rising up to play; swearing, lying, backbiting, false accusing, railing, slandering, contention, strife and envy? Yea, are not the best of you given to pride and covetousness, which is idolatry, fullness of bread and abundance of idleness? Are not you hirelings and teach for the fleece? Do not you contend for money with your own hearers and sue them at law for it? yea, although they cannot satisfy your demands but sinnn against the light in their own conscience, and so sin against God?87 Are you not bitter, and persecutors of any that comes to discover your lewdness, crying out to the magistrate to uphold you in your beastly ways and to stop the mouths of all those whom God hath sent to witness against you? And much more works of this nature is amongst you <140> which the pure all-seeing God hath showed unto his people to be amongst you, and therefore it is that they come out from you lest they partake with you of your sins and plagues.

     But are not you blind, leaders of the blind, when you neither see these to be the "works of darkness" nor those that follow you? Woe unto you that devour souls for money and gain; the day of your account is at hand. O repent, the blood of souls is upon you. Did ever God send forth such a generation of teachers amongst his people, who are not taught themselves by him to forsake such ways as these which you walk in? How are you examples to the people to follow? The leader of this people hath caused them to err, and they that are led by them are destroyed; and hereby priest and people are at a distance from the Lord. O you rulers of the people, who are set up to judge betwixt a man and his neighbor, ought not you to judge for God and not for man? Ought you not to be men fearing God and hating covetousness, not judging for gifts and rewards?88 Ought you not to countenance and encourage them that do well, and be a terror to them which do evil?89 Justice is so. And he that is of God, and bears his sword, turns the edge of it against all sin and wickedness, injustice and oppression, and so sets up justice and judgment in the gates that the poor may be delivered from him that is too mighty for him,90 and that the cause of the fatherless, widow and stranger may not fall, but hath an ear open to the cries of the poor and helpless who hath but little money and few friends, that a poor man may not be afraid to appear in a good cause against the greatest oppressor in the nation.91

     And ought not you to judge without respect to persons,92 or without seeking respect to your own persons, worship or honor from men, but only to advance justice, equity and righteousness which is of God? that so you may be honored by the Lord; for true humility is honor, and he that honors the Lord, him will he honor; and such have been honored in all ages though they never <141> sought it from men.93 And when justice bears rule the righteous rejoice, and the land is in peace; and wickedness is made to blush and be ashamed, and the wicked is scattered from about such rulers. O you that rule in the nation: Is it so? Nay, is it not quite contrary? O what a height is iniquity grown unto? Doth not all manner of sin abound even in open streets,94 as swearing, drunkenness, covetousness and oppression? Can you pass on the streets and not hear the cries of it? And although there have been laws for restraining of some of those abominations, yet how are they slighted, so that poor people get not the benefit by them? Nay, is it not too plain that they who should restrain others are many of them guilty of the same themselves? Shall not the Lord visit for these things?95 The cries of the poor oppressed ones is come before the Lord, and he is risen to avenge him of him that is too strong for him. O when will you see? Hath not want of justice cast kings from their thrones and overturned nations?96 And is not the Lord "overturning, overturning, overturning"? O return to the Lord, and have a care to use your power so as to make a way for purity and holiness, that the kingdom of Christ may be set up and reign, and that the seed of God may have free liberty to come out of Sodom and Egypt to serve the Lord, without fear of man, out of all forms and customs and magician imaginations, into the power of purity and ofoo the Spirit. Cease from persecuting and imprisoning the innocent for crying out against the abominations of the times and letting the guilty go free, lest the decree go forth against you, and the wrath of God burn like fire, and there be none to quench it.97 Hath God put power into your hands to oppose his own work? And you lofty ones of the earth who have gotten much of the creation into your hands and have thereby set your nests on high, and are become lords over your brethren. Was the creatures made for that end, to set your hearts upon them, to heap together <142> out of the reach of the poor and needy? and he who can get the greatest share should become the greatest man?98 and all that have little shall bow down and worship him and so break the command of God which saith, "Thou shalt not bow down nor worship any creature in heaven or in earth"?99 Are you not fallen from the estate wherein you was created? for it was not so from the beginning; for he who made all things good,100 made all men of one mold and one blood to dwell on the face of the earth, and gave them power over the works of his hands,101 not to heap them together to set your hearts upon them; but to use them to his service who made all things for himself, and the wicked for the day of evil.102 You that live in your pride, painting yourselves in your costly apparel, inventing new ways and fashions to make you seem glorious in the carnal eyes of others103 that they may worship you; for this is that which the heathen worship who know not God;104 and this is that you look for, which angels dare not take to themselves. But Haman-like, you rage if you have it not,105 and bear an evil eye to them who cannot give that to you which belongs to God alone. But the hand of the Lord shall be upon all the idols of the world;106 you have forgot that you were but dust, and must to dust, and God will honor himself in laying all honors in the dust107 which men seek to themselves, and is not of God alone.108 You lustful ones which lives of the fat of the earth, whose care is only to satisfy the flesh and the lusts thereof, your curious devised dishes,109 Dives-like—is this the end for which you was made? You are fitted for destruction; your day is coming, the cry of your iniquity is gone up before the Lord; the cries of the poor which you have oppressed, whose labors you have spent upon your lusts,110 the rust of your gold and silver doth witness against you.

     Repent, repent, cast off your gorgeous apparel and gird you with mourning; let your songs of music be turned into howling,111 your banqueting and feasting into fasting, for the Lord is wroth <143> with you, and the fire is begun already. Break off your sins by repentance and your iniquities by showing mercy unto the poor, and turn to the Lord with all your heart, from all your evil doings, if so be that you may find mercy; that you may be hid in the day of his fierce wrath112 which is to come upon all the workers of iniquity. For he will bring down the mighty from their seats, that he may exalt them of low degree. O take heed how you contend with him: did ever any do it and prosper? Shall the clay strive with the potter?113 If he fall upon you he will break you to powder. And you lawyers, ought not you to plead the cause of equity between man and man for equity sake, without respect to yourselves or others, but only to truth itself, that a just cause may be owned in whomever it concerns? But is not the justest cause sure to fall if the party have not money to satisfy your demands, which are many times very unreasonable;114 and you who should instruct people in the ways of truth and peace: do you not by your wisdom teach them lies and strife? Do not you advise your plaintiffs, as you call them, to declare in bills things that are not true, and make small offenses seem very great by false glosses? For say you, "We may declare what we will and prove what we can," so that you and they who you act for knows beforehand that scarce one thing of ten can be proved, neither is true?115 Is this the way to "make up the breach, and preserve peace and truth amongst people"? O miserable fall from God, when that law which should before preserve in peace is used to aggravate offenses beyond truth and so make differences greater. And do not you delight to fish in troubled waters? and the greater dissension amongst the people the more is your gain. Is not your purses filled and your estates raised in the ruins of the people?116 And are not those laws which ought to be used to preserve people from oppression, by abusing, made the undoing of whole families, impoverishing towns and countries? The law, as it is now used, is scarce serviceable for any other end but for the envious man who hath much money to revenge himself of his <144> poor neighbors, which maybe never did him wrong.117 Is there any appearing for the poor against the rich, although his cause be just, but by deceit, delays, and expenses? the remedy is worse than the disease, so that they are made to sigh and groan under oppression, and their cries are come into the ears of the just God who is now arising to avenge them.118 And now, Woe to you that seem to be easers of people's burdens, but make their oppressions greater, even grievous to be borne; and by increasing of contentions have taken away the key of knowledge. For what knowledge hath the "workers of iniquity, who devour the poor to satisfy their own lusts"? the woe is upon you, for the just God "hath shaken his hand at your dishonest gain; woe unto him that coveteth with an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high."119 "Woe unto him that builds his house by oppression and establisheth the city with iniquity; how are you gone out of the right way? and how is the cause of the poor bought and sold for money?"120 Was you thus made at the first? are you not in the inventions? Is this the end for which we came unto the world? Are you not in the earth and in the fall, and in the curse, and at a distance from the pure God who is holy and just and loves righteousness?

     How long will it be ere you will inquire after the right way, or loathe yourselves for your filthiness? O repent, "return to the Lord from whence you are fallen, for what will you do in the end thereof?"121 Shall not justice from on high take hold on you, who have slighted justice upon earth? Your day is at hand: "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?" Why will you destroy your souls for money? and what will you give in exchange for your souls? or shall all your gain redeem you? Do you act according to the law of God, which saith, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"?122 Do not you prize the accursed things before the love of God or your neighbor? Let your practice witness. And you people of the nation that have seen the hand of God against the prince and people for these and the <145> like abominations, and you yourselves are escaped as brands plucked out of the fire;123 have you at all turned to him who hath smitten you? or are you bettered by correction? or have you made your peace with the Almighty? Although you have seen war, and the sword reaching to the very soul, are you not every one, to your own power, gathering fuel to that fire which hath been burning in the land and hath consumed thousands, which should have been as a warning unto you, who are escaped, to return to the Lord from the evil of your doings?124 But are not you still making the breach still wider between God and the nation? as though you were left for no other end but to fill up the measure of iniquity that is yet behind, that the just God may sweep the land with the besom of destruction.125 Oh when will you cease to provoke the Lord by your sins? Where is your redeemer you have professed so long in words and forms? Can you witness him in your works? and what hath he redeemed you from? For saith he, "Why call you me Lord, and do not the things which I say?"126 Is he your Lord, and you servants to all manner of filthiness? And notwithstanding that you have seen his wonders in the nation, yet do not you exceed all that ever went before you in pride, covetousness, drunkenness, swearing, envying, quarrelling, backbiting, slandering, false accusing, self-love, and deceit in all manner of merchandise and trading; false weights and measures, sayings, protestings one towards another; in your bargaining speaking things that are not true, and hereby to overreach your brethren and get dishonest gain.127 How many false oaths and idle words are spent about every bargain in your markets and open streets, without blushing or being ashamed?128 Yea, it is able to break the hearts of any who knows the pure God, to know it and hear it. For it is come to such height of deceit that none can trust his brother; for lying, swearing, and forswearing, it abounds in the nation. And yet you will profess yourselves to be the members of Jesus Christ. And had Jesus Christ ever such a body as this? nay, all that are members of him <146> are of one heart and one soul.129 And you talk of a communion of saints: had ever the saints such a communion as this, to defraud one another for money, and profess a redeemer, and are servants to the devil and your own lusts in all the motions and temptations thereof, and are led captive at his will? But what redemption is this you witness, so long as sin is the partition wall between God and you, stands still whole in your wills, youpp be drunk, swear, lie, and commit adultery, dissemble and satisfy your lusts in all things; and say we are redeemed to commit all these abominations and live in them under a pretense of a profession, and going to the idols' temple once a week.130 Did ever Jesus Christ redeem such a people, or dwell in such a people? Those whom he hath redeemed, he hath freed from the servitude of sin, by separating them from sin and reconciling them to God, from whence they are fallen by sin; for God and sin cannot dwell in one. And to such he saith, "Be ye holy, for I am holy." And as he is the "Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world."131 Now see, how is your sins taken away, when the kingdom of darkness doth wholly rule in you, and leads you into works and ways of darkness? Are you reconciled to God, and have you fellowship with him? Are not you yet strangers to him, and worship an unknown God? "For he that commits sin hath not seen him, neither known him,"132 and so worship they know not what, in formal and superstitious worships.

     O blind people, who "have eyes and see not,"133 how long will it be ere you turn your eyes within and look into your own standing, or rather into your fall, and how you sigh under the curses and wrath of the Almighty? and how far you are from purity and holiness and that estate wherein that you was made in the image of God;134 and wait to see that renewed in you, and you brought up out of the fall, and a separation, to be one with God and Christ, that you may know what you worship, and find acceptance? <147> But are you not so far from that, that if the image of God seem to be renewed in any, and they begin to turn from these and the like abominations to serve the living God in purity and holiness, and they refuse to partake with you in your pride, covetousness, drunkenness, and excess of riot, and deny your vain heathenish customs, fashions, and worships; and are not such objects of your envy and hatred?135 and are they not abused by you, buffeted, scorned, mocked, stopped, and called most reproachful names, even in ways and markets, and in your streets, when you meet with them, though they never speak word to you, but bear your reproaches with patience? So that he that departs from iniquity makes himself a prey to this generation.136 Do not you plainly show forth the serpent's seed in you, which is at enmity with the seed of God, wherever it is brought forth; and so you show yourselves to be acted by the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning?137 And when the judgments and wrath of God appears in the land, is it not because of your iniquities? Do not you, like wicked Ahab, charge an innocent people, who cannot partake with you in your wickedness, declaring that those who are harmless to be cause of troubles in the nation, and say they are about to raise a new war; but never look at your own abominations, for which the land mourns,138 and the wrath of God is against it, ready to destroy it, but still harden your hearts in your wickedness? And as though all this were too little, have you not added this wickedness now, that God in mercy hath called some out of all these evil ways, and sent them to declare against these abominations which the world lives in, both priests and people, not only in word but in life and practice, and hath given his power to go along with them: and are not these called by you devils, witches, sorcerers, conjurers, Jesuits, and the like?139 Are they not some beaten, some stoned, others shamefully entreated and imprisoned? Are they not brought before rulers and governors, for the confessing the name of Christ? And all this you do unto them not for any evil you can charge upon them, but for the name of Christ and his power that goes <148> along with them, in shaking down the kingdom of the serpent and bringing his elect out of all the heathenish customs and worships, to worship God in Spirit,140 and him only, and not men, nor the idols of the world. And now, are you not blind, who have professed the Scriptures so long, and cannot see them fulfilled now in this generation? Are not those of the same brood who called the good man of the house Beelzebub? and how can they do less to them of his household?141 Do not this generation beat some, stone and shamefully entreat others, that bear witness to the Heir? And hath not Christ said, "Ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake"?142 "They shall speak all manner of evil of you falsely"; they shall separate out of your company, reproach you, and cast out your name as evil; and you shall be brought before rulers for a testimony against them, and for my name's sake. And the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried; and you shall have tribulations ten days:143 yea, the time comes that they that kill you shall think they do God service;144 and these things will they do unto you because they know not the Father nor the Son. And the Scriptures must be fulfilled; and those who have eyes to see, may see them now fulfilled and fulfilling, and they who see it, have share in it and rejoice, and witness God faithful, and his Word; but wicked men and persecutors have been blind in all ages. For the God of this world have blinded their eyes,145 and hath thereby made them fit for his own work; and his work is to oppose the Lord in all things.

     Now all people, see where you are and what you are doing, where you live and whom you serve; for if you live to the flesh you cannot please God,146 for as always, he that is born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit; even so it is now.147 Oh be no longer deceived; see whether ye be in the first birth or born again. That which is of the first is of the earth, earthly,148 and minds earthly things, feeds upon dust; and this is the serpent's seed. And here are all your envious, haters, persecutors, <149> covetous, scoffers, and suchlike;149 and here will you be found, your actions witness it, you cannot deceive God; you are under the curse, and they be the cursed fruits you bring forth, and they are for the fire. But the second brings forth no such fruit,150 for he that is born again is born of the Spirit and brings forth fruits of the Spirit: he is born of God and brings forth fruits unto God: fruits of love, meekness, gentleness, patience, temperance, and suchlike;151 there was never a persecutor of this birth, for they are called out of all occasions of strife, contention, and persecution; for that is all about things of this world, and forms and customs that perish.152 But they who are brought into the substance cannot contend about shadows; for there all disputes and vain janglings cease. For as they are ruled by one Spirit, so they are led by one Spirit into one God,153 where God, Christ, and the saints are one eternally: but this godliness is a mystery to all the world. Now try yourselves, for by your fruits you are known and shall be judged; wherefore all people, look within and judge yourselves, reform the inside. Looking without to be seen of men keeps you hypocrites, and you have your reward. But the true seed of the Jews, who are of the circumcision made without hands,154 in the heart, and such seek not praise of men but of God; neither are they known of men nor owned of men,qq nor have fellowship with men;155rr but are raised up out of the fall to God, to live with him in joy and peace and righteousness, which men talks of who lives in the flesh and in the fall, who are not reconciled to God;156 and there can be no reconciliation to God while sin stands, which made the first separation: O people be not deceived.



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Editor's Notes

a. Thomason date: March 17, 1653/54.

b. The paper was written by Thomas Ledgard. It is not included in this volume, but it was reprinted in 1996, with modernized spelling, by Emlyn Warren, 32 Willow Close, Garsington, Oxford OX 44 9AN, U.K.

c. bewrays = betrays

d. Whitehead inserts "their."

e. Whitehead omits "as much."

f. Whitehead changes "these" to "we."

g. Whitehead omits "these."

h. Whitehead inserts "from us."

i. W. changes "witness" to "testify."

j. In the original printing Scripture citations were in the margin.

k. W. changes "under the name" to "to be."

l. W. changes "a" to "the."

m. Whitehead changes "on" to "by."

n. Whitehead changes "it" to "them."

o. W. changes "then," to "thou."

p. Whitehead changes "hadst" to "knewest."

q. Whitehead changes "cannot" to "do not."

r. Whitehead omits "and."

s. Whitehead changes "clear" to "declare."

t. Whitehead changes "sun" to "son."

u. W. changes "ye" to "that."

v. W. changes "the serpent's seed" to "them that are without."

w. W. changes "without which" to "for."

x. W. omits "hypocrites, and."

y. W. omits "holy."

z. W. changes "frantic mold" to "frantics, would."

aa. W. inserts "what" after "but."

bb. W. changes "power" to "authority."

cc. Whitehead changes "deny the ministration of the letter, and owns" to "separate between the ministration of the letter and of."

dd. Whitehead changes "churches" to "church."

ee. Whitehead omits "to perform as it is."

ff. W. changes "to wit, that which will most" to "and pervert the same to."

gg. Whitehead inserts "such."

hh. Whitehead inserts "the holy."

ii. Whitehead changes "had need to" to "thou talkest like them that."

jj. Whitehead changes "need" to "own."

kk. Whitehead changes "but water without" to "with water."

ll. Whitehead adds "to be."

mm. Whitehead omits "My name in the flesh."

nn. Whitehead changes "but sin" to "without sinning."

oo. Whitehead changes "of purity, and of" to "and purity of."

pp. Whitehead inserts "will."

qq. Whitehead changes "of men, nor owned of men" to "of carnal minded men, nor owned of them."

rr. Whitehead changes "men" to "them."