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Letter dated Philadelphia 4 mo. 12th 1792, from William Savery to Robert Pleasants, "near four Mile Creek, care of Lott & Higbee, Mercht., Richmond."

Dear Friend

I should not have been so Long without Answering thy kind Letter but from an Apprehension I could write Nothing worthy the Perusal of a friend of thy Experience -- yet I am Sensible there is Something Due as an Acknowlegment of those tokens of friendship -- & may tell thee that thy Expression of remembrance of me Came to my hands in a Very Seasonable time, for there are times which we all Experience in our Spiritual Journey wherein the kind Salutations of Brother are like Cold water to a thirsty Soul; I feel sensibly the benefit of having my Lot Cast in a Place where I have many more Experiencd and Qualifyed Brethren who are Companions in the Labours & Excercise of the day, & therefore often have my mind turnd in sympathy towards my friends whom Providence has placed in Several Parts of this Continent Like Centinels on there Particular Posts almost alone.

I cannot doubt Dear Robert but that thyself and others in a Such Situations often have your faith & Love for truth Closely tried "but ye know whom ye have Believd" and who Leaves us this Encouraging Promise "Lo I am with you always even to the End of the World --- The Power of him who Can make the wilderness to Smile I have Sometimes Indulgd a hope will yet Cause a revival of testimoney Bearers to the Truth in Virginia-- Especially as I Believe the Darkness that has heretofore Coverd the Land and beclouded the minds of many of its Inhabitants because of Oppression is gradually fleeing before the Light_ _ thy Concern Sacrifices & Labours on that Account I hope will be Recompensd in the inheritance of Everlasting Riches.

The Case of Thomas Harris is no doubt very Exercising to friends in your Parts. But friends have had many things of a Singular and uncommon nature among them from the Beginning, yet as they have weightily Enquird after the Counsel of Divine Wisdom the Lord hath hitherto Condescended to be a Spirit of Judgment to those who sat in Judgment_ _ & I do not Cast away my Confidence in the Present Case--

 However unworthy I may be and often feel myself for travelling acread in truths Service I Believe it right to Endeavour to attend your yearly meeting. In which journey I hope to have the Acceptable Company of our friend Evan Thomas of Maryland... thy Sister in Law Mary Pleasants Expressd a few Days ago a wish for thy Brother Samuel to go with me but I have not heard as yet anything of his Intention to do So.

I am obliged in a few minutes to meet Some friends therefore must Conclude as thou wilt Percieve I have wrote in much haste thy- -

Loving friend

William Savery