Transcribed from the Original Document at the Friends' Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.

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Dear Friend Halliday Jackson

I may now acknowledge the receipt of thy interesting letter. As to my case thou must excuse me if I mention that one of the sentiments in [illegible] introduced my mind unto some anxiety. Those (?) that with you I can be admitted a member if I am cut off by 12th street merely for the part I have taken in the general concern at Green Street. From which I if any other cause had been alleged or charged against me it might form a difficulty. Judging from what I know of the disposition of the Philadelphia rulers I should suppose that they might have other charges made out as I am calumniated and abused by false charges from men of pretended high standing. And those of a nature calculated to make an unpleasant impression upon very honest minded me. I am informed of a charge which has been secretly handed about in certain circles which I have had traced to Cheyney Jeffries accusing me of almost habitual excess since coming to this place. The falsehood of this charge could be proved by the testimony of many witnesses. It may be that this as well as a demure of my treatment of hat poor mistaken woman Ann Jones may be alleged against me. If anything coming from my enemies should have the effect to govern your conclusion upon my case I should prefer remaining in the quietly where I am to taking any further steps among Friends. It is possible that they may have lost confidence in me and should this be the case I must submit to the path of suffering which I am now no stranger to and make the best of what I have no power to remedy. If on the whole view it is seen that I may make the application without the probability of being rejected in that case it will be proper to include my wife in the request as I am informed that the committee which had been appointed on our application for a certificate have been discharged from that service. I had suppose that whether I had obtained a certificate or not my wife would without doubt have one sent for her. But now I have nothing to expect in her favor from them and therefore if the door is open for us we shall make a united application. Thee need not be surprised as my [illegible] of feeling on the subject. Because any number who have known practically what it was to face as I have done will necessarily be on their guard against placing themselves in a situation which might expose to further animadversion and unpleasant feelings. I shall after giving the foregoing sentiment now wait thy answer and should it be in favor of making a request I will prepare one in writing to be signed by my wife and myself and addressed to your Monthly Meeting. There is many things which unavoidably prey more or less upon my feelings and hence I am sometimes nearly ready to conclude that my way is closed up on every hand. Should this be the fact however I might regret it on account of the Society. I should begin to believe that the good hand of God would soon release me form all the cares and troubles of time. With much esteem I remain thy affectionate friend

Jesse Kersey

West Chester 29th of 6th month 1827.