[Friends' Miscellany, Vol. VIII, pages 19-20.]

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Arendahe, 8th of 3d month, 1813.

My dear Brother in Christ, -

Thy loving to the Friends in Christiansand, are received; they rejoiced us much. Some other of our friends who are living in some other trading towns, as well as myself, have obtained copies of them.

I perceive by thy letter to friend J.B. in Christiansand, that thou desirest to be informed if those letters were received or not; but I apprehend he has not had any opportunity to send thee an answer; but as Conrad Forst, from this town, is about to sail for London, I send these few lines; and I have enclosed copies of two letters, which we have lately received from our dear friend H.N.H. who is in gaol; and one from Anna Halvors Daller. I thought it might give thee a little comfort when thou didst read them. And it would be likewise pleasant ot us, if thou wast able to translate these copies to the Friends in England: it might perhaps kindle a fresh fire and zeal towards the good in this country. I desire now to inform thee who I am, who writes these lines: I am thy acquaintance, who lived near the apothecary's shop where thou didst reside: the shop still remains. My trade is merchandise. O my friend, it gave me great surprise when I read the copy of thy letters. I wish thou mayst be an instrument of good in the hand of the Lord, and hope thou wilt be preserved from pride. Give God alone the honour; that thou, as well as myself, may be preserved in humility. I give thanks to the Almighty for his precious grace, which he has given us through the Gospel, and the love of his Son, who innocently died for us. I perceive it is thy desire that the number of his followers may increase. I wish, with all my heart, that the Lord may give thee wisdom and power. Here are a little number of friends in most of the towns in this country, but the number I cannot tell. I hope they will multiply; but our care is great, that goodness may increase amongst us.

I wish, my friend, these lines may reach thee; and it would be pleasant to me, if thou couldst let me have a few lines from thee, and procure me a corespondent among the Friends, or Quakers, to whom we desire to give our love. Likewise, if thou should think it profitable let us know what kind of goods we could send over, to relieve our fellow brethren. Give our love to Andres; and be thyself saluted in dear love, and live will in the peace and love of God.

Peter Schivelland.