Barclay, A.R., ed. Letters, &c. Of Early Friends; Illustrative of the History of the Society, etc. In: Evans, William and Evans, Thomas, eds. The Friends Library. Philadelphia: Joseph Rakestraw, 1847. Vol. XI, page 403.

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Dear S.F.--Some days ago I received both thy letters, by Will. Taylor. I return thee this answer, chiefly to try an expedient, whether letters put in at the the post office in Edinburgh, will come safe to your hands; for whench end I order this that way, and if it hit, let me have by the first post and answer, directing it for me to be left with David Falconer, merchant, in Edinbro'. I will not enlarge by this, because uncertain of its safe conveyance.

I have been a prisoner since I left thy sister, but was kept only two nights. P.L. [Patrick Livingstone] has been out and in again. G.K. [George Keith] and Thos. Mercer were taken this day week.

From Holland I had last night a letter that gave me much satisfaction, in which was one enclosed from Herwarden from Anna Van Horne to Lil. Skeine, very loving; and a short postscript from Elizabeth [the princess?] in these words: "Dear friend, I love your upright intention to travail in spirit for your friends, though unknown to you; and doubt not but it will prove efficacious to them, in the Lord's due time; which is the wais of your loving friend, Elizabethh."--I refer other matters to a future occasion.

My entire love to thy father and mother, to Isabel my dear fellow-traveller, to Su. [Susan Fell,] and Rachael, as also thy bother and sister Lower, with Leo. [Leonard Fell] and others my acquaintaince. Thou wilt excuse this briefness at this time to thy very afections friends