Joseph John Gurney.

From Gurney, Priscilla. Hymns Selected from Various Authors, For the Use of Young Persons. Sixth Edition. London: Harvey and Darton, 1825, page 164.

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Jesus, still will I adore thee, Well thou know'st a sinner's heart, All my wounds are fresh before thee, Thou alone canst heal their smart. Thou alone thy balm applying, Canst this aching pang relieve; Balm that thou hast bought with dying, Give and teach me to receive. Thou of all-sufficient merit; May the blood that from thee flow'd, May thy purifying spirit, Be upon this heart bestowed. Ah! how deeply am I wounded, Spoil'd by Satan, pierc'd by sin, And hath love for me abounded? Hark! a Saviour speaks within. "Sinner! yes, my love is tow'rds thee, Everlasting and divine; Endless hope it yet affords thee, Seek it, take it, I am thine." And wilt thou be mine forever? Shall I live with thee and reign? Come, these mould'ring chains to sever, Come, for death to me is gain.