Charles Wetherill

Wetherill, Charles. History of The Religious Society of Friends Called by Some The Free Quakers, in the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Printed for the Society, 1894. Number 3 of an edition limited to 800 copies, signed by Charles Wetherill.

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Frances S.D. Gumbles
Isabel G. Cresson
Francis M. Cresson
Isabel Cresson
Caleb Cresson, Jr.
Susan V. Cresson
Georgine Cresson
1706 Pine St.
Mary G. Barker
Elizabeth H. Barker
George C. Barker
425 S. 15th St.
Frances Gumbles, Jr. 1706 Pine St.
Dr. Charles W. Gumbes
Rebecca W. Gumbes
Charles W. Gumbes, Jr.
Francis Gumbes
S. Wetherill Gumbes
Jos. Hildeburn Gumbes
Oaks, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawrence Wetherill 1100 Spruce St.
John Price Wetherill
Ira Cotright Wetherill
Anna Wetherill
Florence Wetherill
John Price Wetherill, Jr.
William C. Wetherill
Bethlehem, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Wetherill
Samuel P. Wetherill, Jr.
Georgine W. Smith
Sarah Wetherill
Christine N. Wetherill, 2d
Isabel Wetherill
Edgewater Park, N.J.
William C. Wetherill
Elizabeth C. Wetherill
Gertrude Wetherill
Joplin, Mo.
Mrs. Georgina W. Cox
Walter W. Cox
William John Cox
Sarah W. Cox
Eugenia Cox
Madeline Cox
Bethlehem, Pa.
Mrs. Thyrze Wetherill
Elisha K.K. Wetherill
Maria K. Apperson
421 School Lane, Germantown(1)
Jacob J. Janeway
Lawrence W. Janeway
Joseph B. Janeway
Greensburg, Pa
Mr. and Mrs. Price W. Janeway
Price W. Janeway, Jr.
Helen W. Janeway
Media, Pa.
Dr. and Mrs. Heman Burgin 72 W. Chelten Ave., Germantown(1)
Mrs. Rachel W.J. Hodge 2316 Locust St.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Janeway, Jr.
John L. Janeway, 3d
Augustine Janeway
Sibyl Kent Janeway
Phoenixville, Pa.
Mrs. Emily foster
Mrs. Marth W. Brinckerhoff
William A. Foster
Elizabeth W. Douglass
1710 Pine St.
Mrs. Mary C. Wetherill
Mrs. Anna B. O'Ferrall
Dr. Richard B. Wetherill
La Fayette, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Wetherill
Charles Wetherill
15 East Penn St., Germantown(1)
Dr. and Mrs, Henry M. Wetherill, Jr. 2208 Locust St.
Mrs. Rebecca W. Tiers
Rececca W. Tiers, Jr.
Mary Tiers
Paul L. Tiers
Helen Tiers
126 Pomona Terrace, Germantown(1)
Thomas M. Wetherill
Mrs. Julia W. Barker
Mrs. Margaretta M. Kernan
Clive N. Kernan
New Orleans, La.
Mayer Wetherill Syracuse, N.Y.
Mrs. Margaretta M. Dielh 2312 Spruce St.
Mrs. Margetta W. Wallace Staten Island, N.Y.
Mrs. Mary E.W. Smith
Edward I. Smith, Jr.
1613 Spruce St
Mrs. Susan D. Edson
Charles W. Diehl
William E. Diehl
Thomas J. Diehl
2312 Spruce St.
Samuel Wetherill 1835 De Lancey Place
Col. John M. Wetherill Pottsville, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wetherill
H. Emerson Wetherill
Herbert Wetherill
Abel P. Wetherill
Webster K. Wetherill
Francis M. Wetherill
37th and Walnut Streets
Mrs. Rachel Hewson
Isabel Hewson
Emily Hewson
1434 Spruce St.
Mrs. Mary H. Booraem
Addinel Hewson, M.D.
1508 Pine St.
William K. Hewson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Wetherill
Isabel Wetherill
Brinton Wetherill
J. Lawrence Wetherill
Caroline B. Wetherill
1723 Pine St.
Lt. Charles S. Riché
Capt. Alexander M. Wetherill
Mrs. Agnes Dundas Lippincott 1333 Walnut St.
James Dunda Lippincott 509 S. Broad St.
J. Wurtz Dundas 1333 Walnut St.
Benjamin W. Richards 43 S. 17th St.
Mrs. James Constable
Miss Constable
Howard R. Constable
Stevenson Constable
1820 De Lancey Place
Mrs. August H. Richards
Mary Lippincott Richards
4049 Locust St.
Alfred Wetherill Elkton, Md.
Miss Jane Wetherill
Miss Sarah Y. Wetherill
Mrs. W.W. Young
Miss Marion Yorke Young
Miss Ella Young
Miss Julia Young
3915 Woodland Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wetherill
Miss Edith Wetherill
Miss Marian Wetherill
Miss Blanche Wetherill
Miss Irma Wetherill
Miss Cora Wetherill
1413 Spruce St.
Miss Rebecca Wetherill
Miss Ida Cushman
Miss Alice Cushman
1340 Walnut St.
Mrs. Susan M. Miller 2036 Vine St.
Mrs. Anna Wetherill
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Wetherill
Thomas Wetherill
325 South 16th St.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wetherill 5532 Morris St., Germantown(1)
Mrs. Percy Browne
Miss Katherine W. Browne
Percy Browne, Jr.
Roxbury, Mass.
Mrs. George Northrup
Mrs. Isabel N. McHenry
Edgewater Park, N.J.
Dr. Katherine Northrup 316 South 16th St.
Mrs. Morris Hacker
Miss Beulah Hacker
(In Europe)
Mrs. Isabel H. Dixon 58th St. near Elmwood Ave.
Charles C. Wetherill
C. Whittington Wetherill
Samuel Wetherill, Jr.
Edward Wetherill
Kingston, Md.
Alfred N. Wetherill
William S. Wetherill
Morris H. Wetherill
Strafford, Pa.
Mrs. A.T. Zeising
Miss Zeising
Miss Anna Marie Kemble
Mrs. Sarah Kemble Eichler
Nicholas Helverson
2029 North 8th St.

(1) Germantown: subsequently annexed by Philadelphia. -pds