[Friends' Miscellany, Vol. VIII, pages 20-21.]

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Dear, loving, and often remembered Sisters in Christiansand, -

Yea, I say with a loving heart, which is true, that I love you greatly for your faith and virtue, which you have received through an awakening grace; that leads to an upright conversation, and increases in good works, which are the fruits of faith: but we must remember, that every branch in Christ, which brings forth fruit, will certainly be purged, that it may bring forth more fruits, which is the promise of Jesus, and it will never fail. My desire and hope is this; that you, with myself, may work out your own salvation: and be ye clothed with the light which will lead you in the right way. Attend to that power which first awakened you, since you cannot but be convinced it is to your greatest advantage. Why then should you be required to be entreated to do that which is your truest interest?

The Scriptures are often peculiarly lively to me in my solitude: and I have read, to-day, of the four kinds of ground, wherein the seed was sown, which brought me into great thoughtfulness, that so small a part of the ground sown should produce fruit, the devil trying to destroy it. Oh! let the Lord preserve us from every snare; and let out earnest desires be, that we may help each other, and be good examples. And I hope those who are diligent in reading the Scriptures, will be led in the way of wisdom, which, it is my great desire and longing, may be the case for myself; but I have often to fight with many infirmities; for truly, our fallen nature desires very little good.

Salute brother N.B., who, I am glad to hear, with other brethren, experience both joy and life: thus, with an upright heart, will the good work be increased. My desire is, that we may all follow each other in the path to heaven, which is our true resting place. This is my earnest prayer; wishing you every thing that it good, I am,

Your friend,

Anna Halvors Daller.